ACHC International together with SimpleComply announce their collaboration with THC Lab of Italy, a leading consulting and educational group in compounding pharmacy. Through this effort, THC Lab, ACHC International and SimpleComply will work to promote the benefits of PCAB Accreditation to enhance business efficiencies and improve quality and safety across Italy and the rest of Europe.

“For ACHC International, we sought to surround ourselves with quality and compliance professionals who see the need for PCAB Accreditation and the value it provides to pharmacies and patients,” said Ryan Ragan from ACHC International. “After the initial discussions with Dr. Lombardi and her team at THC Lab, we knew we had found the right group to help our mission progress.”

“We are very excited about the cooperation with ACHC,” said Dr. A. Lombardi, CEO & Founder of THC Lab. “We see tremendous potential and real benefit to enhance the level of health care provided by compounding pharmacies to their patients in Italy. We believe that ACHC International, thanks to its track record and international experience, is the perfect partner for this venture.”

As a strategic partner of ACHC, SimpleComply Netherlands, will act as a liaison for ACHC’s European support initiatives.